African Tobacco Granite

African Tobacco Granite


African tobacco granite’s grains are coarse, varied, and comprised of earthy tones. The background is an alluring cream color and the veins are richly varied, ranging from russet to azul and sprinkled with dark browns and greens.

African tobacco granite is very durable and easy to clean, which makes it very popular for both residential and commercial use. It can hold up to both extreme heat and extreme freezing temperatures, so it can be used for virtually all applications, whether indoors and outdoors.

It is a very popular granite for construction projects as well as decorative and other design stone projects such as monuments and tombstones. It is also used for countertops, fireplaces, pools, and fountains, as well as smaller applications such as backsplashes and vanity tops.

The creamy background and dark, earthy veins make African tobacco granite an elegant and versatile design element. It can act as either the focal point of a room or the backdrop for a more pronounced focal point.

The hardness and low water-absorption characteristics make this granite extremely durable. This is a great investment for a homeowner, and also for commercial buildings that undergo a lot of wear and tear and industrial cleaning because it will outlast nearly every other type of stone on the earth.

African tobacco granite is very similar to African rainbow granite, which we also stock. Take a look at our African rainbow granite here. It also can be known as “Harmony beige.”

Our African tobacco granite slabs come in 3cm polished finished slabs.

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