Most people are familiar with Marble. Right from the ancient times of Greek statues to Roman baths, marble has been widely used for centuries in just about every possible interior and exterior application. It is very popular for the fireplaces, countertops, bar-tops, and bathrooms, and comes in a wide range of colors. 

Marble has similar properties as lime stones and are easily prone to stain, etch or scratch, however, it achieves its beauty over time and use. Most marbles have veining mineral deposits throughout. It is generally thought to be from Italy, but in reality marble is quarried all over the world. Tumbled marble has become extremely prevalent in the United States over the last few years and is popularly used in the backsplash, flooring, and shower areas. 

Marble Countertops are not suitable for kitchen due to its lack of stain and scratch resistance. However, marble countertops are a great choice for bathroom vanities.

Marble countertops have been around for centuries, offering timeless beauty and elegance to fine homes. Marble countertops come in several different finishes including polished, honed, and leather. 

In the recent years, marble countertops, especially white marbles have been very popular for bathroom vanities and have been the favorite of designers and landlords. Granite Granite Inc. offers a fine selection of marble countertops from all over the world, especially white marbles from Carrara, Italy such as Carrara white, Statutario and Calacatta. 

Marble countertops are the premium selection for stone countertops and Granite Granite Inc. has a long history of understanding how to source the best marble from across the globe. It has unsurpassed elegance and longevity and undeniable cachet. 

We offer marble countertops in a wide range of colors, from subtle to bold and in your choice of polished, honed, or leather finish. When you want stunning looks and timeless durability for your home, you want marble countertops. For the highest quality marble countertops people look towards Granite Granite Inc. 

Unlike other surfaces, marble countertops have real benefits to its installation. Of course, marble countertops were popular over the last decade, with its popularity coming from the timeless beauty as well as the natural color and pattern it holds. The look is original, and produced naturally, which gives your home an original and unique look. Most people like the idea of a custom and original piece that only marble countertop can provide. 

Marble countertops are a choice of product when it comes to adding elegance to your bathroom vanity tops and marble countertops holds itself up to be a great choice for any home.