Alaskata White Granite

Alaskata White Granite


Alaskata white granite is a noble and elegant granite, with the primary colors being white, gray, and silver. There are varied hues dispersed throughout the slabs, ranging from warm earthy tones such as russet and gold to much darker grays and even blacks. These grains are thick and coarse.

The light primary tone and contrasting colors of the veins make it a dignified and versatile granite that is commonly used for both residential and commercial applications and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Alaskata white granite, like other white granites, has risen in popularity among homeowners in recent years. It is commonly used around houses for countertops, backsplashes, and vanity tops. It is a very versatile stone and can be used in all home decor styles, from modern and minimalist to farmhouse to seaside. It can be paired with almost any color palette, but goes especially well with blacks, whites, grays, browns, greens, and blues.

It is especially popular for kitchens with less space. The white and silver background brightens up the room and the extra light helps make the area feel more spacious.

Don’t forget, because of its durability and versatility, Alaskata white tile can be used in a number of other applications as well, including interior and exterior walls and flooring, mosaics, tiles, windowsills, fireplaces, and mantles.

Alaskata white granite is actually found and mined in Brazil and is made of plagioclase, quartz, alkaline feldspar, muscovite, biotite, and tourmaline.

Our natural Alaskata white granite slabs come in a polished finish at a 3cm thickness.

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