Blue Nile Granite

Blue Nile Granite


Granite is one of the most durable stones in the world. It is strong enough to stand up to the high traffic in your kitchen and bathroom without a problem. Add an exotic touch to your home with

Blue Nile Granite. Blue Nile Granite features a beige base with a stunning mix of white, grays, and blue colored specks spread over the base. The colors blend perfectly to create this 3 cm polished granite from Brazil. Granite from Brazil is considered by some to be among the best granites in the world. The 3cm thickness is the perfect thickness; it’s thick enough to provide strength and stability, but not so thick that you have to strengthen the base before installation. The polished finish adds depth and dimension; it gives the granite movement and shine. The polish also helps prevent staining and scratches.


This versatile granite works well with dark wood cabinets, white, or cream. Hardwood floors enhance the look of both cabinets and countertops. The dark wood cabinets give the room an elegant look, while the white cabinets tend to provide a more casual vibe. Cream-colored cabinets fall somewhere in the middle. Also, consider this beautiful granite for your outdoor areas; outdoor kitchen counters and pools, for example. Granite can handle both sun and moisture, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.


Blue Nile granite adds value, interest, and beauty to any area of your home. It’s also a good option for your office, restaurant, or bar. The pattern helps hide marks and smudges until you have time to wipe the granite down with soap and water. Granite is an easy-care material that keeps its good looks for decades. Skip the same old basic colors and opt for beautiful Blue Nile Granite; it lets your personality shine through.

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