Pitaya Granite

Pitaya Granite


Whether you are remodeling your house or working on your new home’s interior finishes such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms and fireplaces, you need to use materials that are durable and with an aesthetic appeal. In general, granite stands out as the most popular material for decorating countertops and other surfaces such as bathroom walls because of its natural beauty and durability. Granite also symbolizes luxury when used on different types of surfaces.

Pitaya granite is undoubtedly one of the materials that you can count on if you need finishes that have a marble look, are strong and which last long. There are many other reasons why you should choose Pitaya granite.

To start with, Pitaya granite is unique in that it has a characteristic clear whitish background that also features black specks that are scattered throughout. There are also grey veins, which depict warmness. This type of granite is also conspicuous because it shows little variation, meaning that to a large extent, it is uniform throughout. Pitaya granite can also be used to depict a wide range of styles, which include modern, traditional and minimal design impressions.

Thickness is one of the key features that you should look out for when choosing granite for finishing surfaces such as kitchen countertops and frequently used spaces such as entrances. The good news is that Pitaya granite has a thickness of 3 cm or about 1.25 inches, which makes it stronger and thus able to last longer.

Like all forms of granite, Pitaya granite is known for its incomparable style and design. It is also stain, scratch and heat resistant. Add this to the fact that it is an affordable, long-term investment that can increase the value of your home significantly. These and more reasons underline why you need to use this natural stone as you finish your countertops and other surfaces.

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