Portomare Quartzite

Portomare Quartzite


Bold, beautiful, and unique are three words that can be used to describe Portomare Quartzite. The colors and veining combine to create interesting combinations that will enhance the look of any space where it’s used. The product is polished, so it won’t need sealing every year. It is easy to take care of, and it is extremely durable. Portomare Quartzite is everything a homeowner wants in a countertop or vanity.


The unique combination of light blues, emerald green, grays, and white are stunning when they are used on counters and vanities. The colors blend seamlessly together to create interesting patterns and designs. This eye-catching Quartzite will instantly become the focal point of any room where it’s used. The polished finish gives you an added layer of protection for this already durable product. Stains, heat, and scratches are no problem for quartzite when it’s cared for properly. It comes to you already sealed and polished and can be resealed when the need arises.


White cabinets and walls are the perfect addition to go with your new counters. The bright, crisp white is a nice backdrop to further bring out the stunning colors of the quartzite. Some homeowners love the colors so much that they use them to create a focal point on a wall in their home. Think about how amazing a wall in the dining room would look when it’s done in Portomare. This would carry the color theme from the kitchen, where it’s used as a countertop.


Almost everyone who sees Portomare quartzite falls in love with it; you will too. Best of all, it’s not just gorgeous, but it’s made to last and keep looking great. You can be sure to receive lots of compliments from your guests when you use Portomare Quartzite; it’s the perfect upgrade for those who want to show off their sophisticated side.





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