Vancouver Quartzite

Vancouver Quartzite


Vancouver Quartzite is an excellent countertop choice for your home. It resists heat, is durable, and is easy to maintain. With proper sealing, Quartzite is moisture resistant. The rippled effect of the colors of this Quartzite makes it an attractive and elegant choice for your countertops. When you want something elegant, easy to care for, and virtually indestructible, this is a great choice.


Vancouver Quartzite features a light gray background with a veining of taupe and gray. The finish has a creamy look that homeowners love. This Quartzite features a polished finish that gives it depth and dimension. The polish also offers additional protection. Though Quartzite is already durable, it’s considered more durable than granite and has more resistance to heat than both granite and quartz.


Use a sponge and gentle cleanser to clean your quartzite. Wipe up any spills and food that could stain as soon as possible. Use trivets and coasters for extra protection. Vancouver quartzite comes to you already sealed and polished. However, all stone requires additional sealing. You will likely have to reseal your counters every couple of years. Quartzite boasts many benefits, including fire resistance and coloring that will not fade or change over the years; the color you get on the first day of installation is the color you will always have.


Vancouver Quartzite is a versatile option for your home. It works well with many colors and decorating styles. Dark or light wood cabinets are a nice choice for the traditional, or transitional home. White or cream cabinets also pair well with the colors in Vancouver and provide the home with a contemporary look. Hardwood flooring goes well with the colors of this Quartzite. You can also use tile in a light color to brighten things up.

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