White Magnifique Granite

White Magnifique Granite


Sourced from Brazil, White Magnifique Granite features a white base with darker veining and specks. The colors blend into any décor or color scheme. Granite is durable and resists scratching. The polish helps keep the surface clean and sanitary. Simply wipe the surface, and food and other stains lift right up. Polished granite does not need sealing as often as unpolished granite.


The granite’s pattern brings a soft, gentle movement wherever it’s used. Flecks of mica add sparkle. The pattern also hides water spots, smudges, and fingerprints, making it a favorite among parents and grandparents. Granite is one of the sturdiest options for countertops; your counters will last for many decades. The colors of White Magnifique granite are neutral, so it never goes out of style. Even if you change your colors or decorating style, this granite will still look great.


Dark wood cabinets look beautiful with this granite; this combination turns any kitchen into a warm and welcoming space. You can also use white cabinets; the warm colors of the counters will warm up the space. Even with white walls and cabinets, the room won’t appear stark. From modern to rustic, White Magnifique granite is a perfect choice. You can use it for your backsplash and floors, as well as counters.


You’ll love the beauty and easy maintenance; these are two reasons why homeowners love this granite for various rooms throughout the home. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, or bar area. If you have an outdoor kitchen, this granite does excellent outdoors. Granite is not prone to damage by the sun or moisture. This granite is polished and won’t need resealing for quite some time.


Warm up any area of your home with White Magnifique Granite. You’ll add instant value to the home with this granite that you will enjoy for years.

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