Nero Valcano Granite

Nero Valcano Granite


3 cm thick, polished Nero Volcano Granite from Brazil is perfect for many areas of the home. Use it on counters, floors, walls, and outdoors. The black background with browns and golds add a touch of drama wherever it’s used. The color stands out and gives your space a dramatic, sophisticated look; show everyone that you’re not afraid to be unique with Nero Volcano Granite.


The granite has movement and dimensional beauty. The polish adds protection and dimension to the piece. Black is one of the top color choices for granite. You’ll love the look wherever you decide to use it. In addition to counters, consider using this granite for pool areas, monuments, mosaics, stairs, fountains, and floors. When granite is this pretty, don’t limit yourself to using it only as a countertop.


Keep the dramatic effect going by pairing this granite with black cabinets; use a light-colored floor to avoid making the space too dark. You can keep the drama but lighten things up by using a cream-colored cabinet and mid-tone hardwood flooring. Light gray cabinets with grayish industrial style flooring and stainless appliances will give your kitchen or bathroom an edgy contemporary look.


Granite is one of the best options for kitchens or bathrooms; it’s durable enough to handle your busy family. Granite is easy to care for, especially when it comes to you with a polished finish. The thickness is perfect for installing in a home; anything thicker requires reinforcement before it’s installed, and that costs money and time. Granite isn’t affected by moisture like so many other materials are. You can also feel confident that your Nero Volcano granite is stain and scratch-resistant.


The homeowner who likes a dramatic touch to their home will enjoy Nero Volcano granite. You’re sure to get many compliments when you install this granite.

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