River White Granite

River White Granite


Give your house a magnificent look by finishing countertops, floors, walls, fireplaces, patios and others with polished River White granite. This natural stone is mostly used for finishing structures such as kitchen islands and countertops, but also looks great on stairs, wall and floor applications, fountains, vanity countertops, and on outdoor decorations such as patio finishes. Some of the key features of River White granite are its superb look and the fact that it is highly durable.

River White granite finishes on your home will look amazing because of the stone’s distinctive plain white base and speckled light grey markings. There are also burgundy spots, which accentuate the white background of River White granite finishes.

Another reason why you will love to use this stone to finish your countertops and other areas in your home is the stone’s soft design. River White granite also shows little variations, which denotes that it looks almost consistently uniform. The soft design and uniform appearance of the stone makes this granite popular among many builders and homeowners across the world.

There is also a notable point about River White Granite which cannot go unmentioned: that its color complements nearly all surrounding colors and tones. Therefore, whether you have a wall that is grey, cream white, medium brown, light brown or any other color, you can easily blend it with a River White Granite on your countertops, floors and slabs or floor.

Another reason why many people love to install River White Granite in their homes is that this stone requires little maintenance. So, you don’t need to worry about the need to do frequent repairs once you have installed River White Granite. The result is that you get real value for money in terms of durability, low maintenance cost and that cool, luxurious look when you install a River White Granite finish.

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