Sandalus Leather Quartzite

Sandalus Leather Quartzite


Give your kitchen or bath a fresh look with Sandalus Leather Quartzite. The rich colors and stunning veining give you the look of gorgeous sunlight shining through. This bold look is perfect for the modern kitchen and bathroom. Use it in the kitchen to give the space an updated, bright look that you’ll love. The colors of this quartzite make the space feel cheerful and relaxing.

The leather finish is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners. The surface has a textured finish that hides water spots, smudges, and fingerprints, so you spend less time cleaning your counters and more time enjoying your family and friends. Cleanup is fast and easy. These durable counters will bring beauty to your home for many years. Homeowners enjoy the matte finish of the leather finish. If you want a contemporary look, the leather finish is perfect for you.

Quartzite has several advantages that homeowners love. It resists staining, it is durable, and it won’t fade. The colors of your Sandalus Leather Quartzite will look as gorgeous five years from now as it does the day you have it installed.

There are several color schemes that work wonderfully with this quartzite. Opt for light walls and cabinets to offset the darker tones of the counters, or go for something bold by pairing your countertops with black cabinets and dark flooring. Another beautiful option is natural wood cabinets and flooring. All three options are vastly different, but they all look amazing with your Sandalus Leather Quartzite.

Sandalus Leather gives any home the wow factor homeowners enjoy. Guests will be mesmerized by the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom. Use this quartzite for countertops, bar tops, and more. Bring the beauty of a sunny day into your home today with Sandalus Leather Quartzite.

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